we are a slow-fashion studio that makes small-batch handmade goods ethically in canada

where exactly we produce

we currently work with three production houses in Calgary, AB, Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast, BC. 

who we work with

all partners and providers that we work with are ethical in their practices including the working conditions and wages paid for their employees. 

our materials

we source sustainably produced fabrics appropriate for each design, and wherever available, use 100% organic fabrics for our clothing.

shipping materials are 100% compostable and all other packing materials are natural and biodegradable (cotton cord, tissue paper and paper tape) with the exception of our stickers. 

how to lessen your impact

one of the greatest impacts to the environment in our business are the resources required to ship our packages. we encourage you to contact us before ordering to discuss any sizing concerns you may have and where you are able, to plan ahead and bundle purchases so as to reduce the amount of shipments being sent.