a (petit) handmade line of home goods for bébé & beyond

our handmade home goods are now available! each has been hand cut, hand sewn, and where applicable, hand-dyed, all on the west coast of canada.

this collection is artisnal, rooted in childhood memories, supremely natural, and includes three organic cottons, either completely undyed or naturally hand-dyed using marigold flowers 🌼

here, you may find details that some might call a minor 'imperfection', other may embrace as it tells the story of the maker. lines where you can see the human hand led the sewing machine, subltle blemishes in how the the dye expressed itself that day on the fabric.

our wish for you here is to exchange a gift of coziness that brings you back to your heart, is pure, vibrant, non-toxic and handmade, from our home to yours.