c a b a n e is the creative vision of founder, lindsay quintal. motherhood confirmed her desire to create a capsule wardrobe that was the perfect balance of minimal and illuminating.

the design philosophy is simple: the clothing speaks to both the parent & child, and aims to never underestimate the ways in which their spirit can be awakened through attire.

while the collection is laid back, each design is highly considered, versatile and  constructed ethically, with premium fabrics.

longevity is embedded into each garment through a focus on minimal & unisex designs. it is kept honest -

establishing a level of inclusivity within each design. the hope is for the garment to be loved for future generations to come.

cabane is based in calgary. canada, where design, sampling and production is centred. a small team of women carefully hand-cut and sew each garment. cabane is proud to be polyester free, and use fully compostable packaging materials.