welcoming 2024, a promise.

welcoming 2024, a promise.

i have been thinking a lot about our values, & what we want to bring forward as we form our future "self".

entering this new year, i promised, i will positively refine all that we do. 

in the world of energetic exchange, i crave the experience of sending precise messages. for i know it will return a precise response; and in order to thrive, we have no time to waste!

where to begin. naturally, this brought me to our values. our foundation. why i started cabane in the first place, (amidst a sea of options). what i am proud to say makes us special.

let me share with you, in case you are new here, or perhaps curious and looking to connect with us on a deeper level. 

handmade, ethically, in canada.

we started with all production occuring locally, in calgary, within the same studio where our patterns are made. two women, equally techinical and creative in their genius, are the heartbeat of this studio, and behind every stitch of cabane. 

late last year, we expanded our production to include a studio in vancouver who could accommodate greater numbers, and a small studio in the okanagan who could accomodate smaller, custom orders (also where we are building our naturally dyed line). 
producing in canada reduces the amount of emissions created in shipping production back and forth, allows us to have relationships with our partners, to positively contribute to our local economy, supports ethical studios who are making value-based decisions (vs. purely money-based decisions) and allows us to produce in small quantities, reducing waste and participation in the fast-fashion cycle.

curiosities :: 

  • of all the steps, cutting takes the most time. when it is time to begin sewing, it can take a full day to set up and calibrate the machines.
  • each of our snaps are hand stamped. it is a physical exercise!
  • tiny sizes are not necessarily easier or quicker to sew! they are in fact more cumbersome to work with in comparison to adult sizes.
  • up until late last year, we had just one splendid seamstress who cut and sewed every cabane garment. her name is amy 👇🏼. she began her sewing career in a factory in asia, before bringing her technical skills to canada, where she has worked in an ethical & supportive environment ever since.

premium fabrics ::

girl doing backbend on white background

the dream of cabane was conceived through my love for raw, natural fabrics and vintage ones, those made in a another time, when quality and durability were wider priorities. 

sourcing high grade fabrics in small quantities is one of the greatest challenges for us, but it is definitely our favorite part. 

we will always be transparent and truthful about the fabric contents and origins, and will continue to seek upgraded fabrics that are both pure and offer a wide range of benefits, both aesthetically and functionally. and, i promise that our fabrics will never contain polyester or spandex. 

why organic and undyed fiibres matter. simply, it affects the child's experience. especially for those who have sensitivities. we have received wonderful feedback about how our natural fibres have been a soothing relief for children who have anything from skin irritations, to special sensory needs.

most recently a mother shared that her child had athletes foot spread up both his legs. it was painful and itchy. she said the orb suit in organic cotton waffle was a lifesaver as it was breathable and helped cover his whole body, preventing him from scratching while being gentle to the touch.

another mother had shared that her child who is on the spectrum loved and was comforted by the texture of our hemp/organic cotton jersey fibres (resort set). 

while not all of our fabrics are organic, they will always be high majority. current exceptions are our cotton denim, raw silk and a few deadstock fabrics that are upcoming.

curiosities :: 

~ rolls of fabric are approximately 50 meters of fabric. our garments take an average of 0.4-0.8m of fabric total, so it can take us some time to go through a roll.

~ custom fabrics typically require a minimum order of 8 rolls (a little out of reach for us at present)! unfortunately, most fabrics that are readily available in smaller quantities are blended with spandex and polyester. so, we spend a great deal of time sourcing pure, organic fabrics, with some of the greatest coming from india. 

~ we have two designs launching this year made of deadstock fabrics we sourced from a famous seller in LA. these are end of the roll fabrics that were not needed in production. typically one roll or less. a great way for a small brand like us to have access to fabrics that we otherwise would not (& to use fabric that is already in existence, vs. producing a new roll)  

our pure organic cotton 2x2 rib two ways: undyed and naturally dyed with marigold flowers.


i hope you enjoyed hearing more about what we are passionate for. i will write again, soon, to highlight our third pillar :: design!




when i see a design come to life and it brings tears to my eyes, that is when i know this is meaningful. and i must continue to refine, and bring this manifestation through in the most sustainable way possible. 

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