the body, mind & spirit of cabane, part I

the body, mind & spirit of cabane, part I

our ethos

i wanted to share a little bit from our ethos with you today: a passion and a caution, both considered in every decision we make throughout the entire design process.  

how this shows up in our offering may be subtle to some, and to others, it is glaringly obvious. i'm curious where you will fall in the spectrum. have you noticed this about us?

longevity, a passion

we embed longevity into our creations through a focus on unisex designs.

we like to keep it a bit vague in terms of who any garment might appeal to, establishing a level of inclusivity within our designs.we light up at the idea of a garment living many lives beyond the original owner, today & many tomorrow's from now.

i have always looked for this in childrenswear, especially when investing in ethical & sustainable garments, so i'm proud that this is foundational to our offering.

'watered down' fabrics, a caution

have you noticed that all of our knits (waffle, rib & jersey slub) are pure & free of fillers such as elastane (aka Spandex)?

since it has become somewhat trendy to use organic fabrics, I have noticed that they are often not purely organic as advertised, but instead, are often mixed with synthetics.

one detriment to these mixed fabrics is that they are not biodegradable , but instead, will accumulate as pollution on our planet, unto infinity.


i'm often asked to describe cabane & what makes us special, in a few words. here is what i can say for sure:

we make nostalgia inducing childrenswear, for littles' leisure and play, which speaks to both the parent and child, aiming to never underestimate the ways in which spirit can be awakened through attire.
our considered designs are mostly unisex, minimalist and always made ethically with premium fabrics.
in closing

i deeply believe in these values for the new & highly discerning generation of today. 

i feel it intuitively.

my mission is to make this high quality good & quality of experience, accessible, to you & your children.

does this align? is clothing an avenue that you use to pass down values to your children?

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