peach almond smoothie recipe

recipe:: peach & almond smoothie

a delightful daily smoothie for peach season

my wish for you is that each summer, you get the pleasure of fully indulging in peach season. there is truly no better season in my opinion. 

i have played with this combination for over a decade and still, it is my favourite. more importantly, i have yet to meet a little one who does not love the gentleness of this combination.

peaches can be fresh or frozen. if i have an abundance, i will freeze what might not be eaten in time, for another time! work with what you have & find the perfect ratios for your palate!

don't miss out on the additions and alternatives offered at the bottom (arguably, the best part of this)!

 download the peach almond smoothie recipe here

market list

: 4 cups water

: 1 cup almonds

: 3 ripe peaches

: 1 date

: 1/4 tsp vanilla powder

: pinch of cinnamon & salt

: handful of ice

 1. make your almond mylk

: soak almonds in water for 30 mins to 1 hour, then blend until smooth.

: strain pulp from mylk using a nut mylk bag or any fine mesh strainer you have on hand.

: if you simply want almond mylk to enjoy, blend the nut mylk with the date & pinch of salt, et voilà!

peach almond smoothie recipe almond mylk

2. blend all ingredients

: add remaining ingredients to 2.5 cups of almond mylk & blend until smooth. add or reduce mylk to your taste.

peach almond smoothie recipe almond mylk

3. cin cin

: serve in your favourite cup!

: keeps for 24 hours in the fridge

peach almond smoothie recipe almond mylk

additions & alternatives

: try adding spinach, rosehip powder, coconut oil or cocoa nib (cocoa nib & almond milk is supreme!)

: instead of peaches, use stewed rhubarb, banana, raspberries or strawberries (fresh or frozen)

: instead of almonds use hemp seeds, oats, pumpkin seeds or your favorite nut on hand

: instead of cinnamon, try nutmeg or cardamom

to you,

lindsay & laïla


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