playlist no. 1 / music for a saturday morning

playlist no. 1 / music for a saturday morning

cabane - a saturday in montreal

since the arrival of our daughter, Ella, not a nursery rhyme has been sung in our house. i grew up listening to jazz & blues with my dad, a lover of all good music. one of my first memories was in NYC 1989 (age 4).. we went to the blue note jazz club & i got called to join the band stage-side for a few songs. it left an impression on me, you could say. vacations were centred around concerts and music festivals. it planted a sense for music within me (and beyond that, the music took me places!).

this seeded my intention for Ella. to tune her personal sound so she too can love & explore this vast life through music.

although the primary sound you will hear in our house now is mantra (more on that later!), much of the music we love is resonant with what i first fell in love with as a child.

our first playlist, saturdays, evokes memories of waking to a music-filled house, cleaning & clearing any mess from the week past, bike rides to the market, long visits to cafes with rotating chairs of friends, maybe a tennis match or two. saturdays.

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