illuminating white

illuminating white

you may be picking up on our colour palette thus far. or perhaps better said, the lack of colour in our palette! we assure you, we have intentions for colours, stripes & prints aplenty. for now though, we want to draw your attention to the foundation of our collection, which will be a mix of natural fabrics in white, off-white & undyed tones.

how do you feel about dressing your child in these tones?

being surrounded by white (aka, what the yogis call ‘the colour of light’) evokes a sensation of possibility and is even said to expand your aura. you may feel a comfort & freeness to express whatever is coming through in each moment, without distractions. a figurative blank canvas. have you had this experience when dressed in white?

when it comes to creating an environment for my daughter, i look for non-imposing ways to support her. one has been with simple and natural clothing that soothes her nervous system, and supports her own character in coming through.

could dressing in a neutral palette be an act of sustainability? for me, the answer is yes! i have often thought of how overexposed we are to choice, how quickly this can evolve our tastes and interests. and if it is truly possible for this frequency of change to materialize in a sustainable way.

above trends, moods, era’s, life stages, i stick to what i know will offer the greatest versatility, and what i will always be in the mood for. & that is a neutral palette!

what is your forever, go-to colour that you never tire of?

a few more reasons we love to work with this palette

  • undyed fabrics are closest to their natural state having undergone much less processing compared to their commercially dyed counterparts. this makes them a healthier option for your child & the planet!

  • if you are joining the many who are downsizing and choosing a minimal closet for their families, a neutral palette offers limitless versatility!

  • a fun progression for your white and undyed clothing is to give them a second life by dying them yourself. there are so many wonderful options available and we are working on an offering for you. stay tuned!

we hope this has inspired you to adorn your children in a neutral palette so you too can enjoy the sense of calm and inspiration these ‘colours’ deliver. 

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