do you like a little mystery, or full transparency?

do you like a little mystery, or full transparency?

through the process of identifying our voice for this brand, it has prompted me to consider my own voice. in my personal interactions, I am the one who tells short stories the long way. when i look at how i have typically expressed myself to the world at large, for example on my personal instagram page, i have taken a voice that is more mysterious. I write when i am inspired, and as a person with a lot of air element in my chart, i often have a lot going on in my head that doesn’t always get expressed.

here, it is tempting to feel that we have to choose one or the other. to be consistent, whatever it is that we choose. but beyond what we should do, we have landed on a commitment to do what is inspired and most expansive (almost precisely why laïla an i align so well together).

to us, that is to keep a little mystery where it lends you a great surprise(!) and in all other ways, to share openly with you on our process, our intentions and the journey we take from concept to delivery!

we are toying with some good ways to do this with you, such as a transparency card to accompany all pieces, showing holistically the elements that make up the price of an items. does this sound like the type of transparency you would enjoy? send us an email, or join us on our instagram post to share!

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