caring for your raw silk

caring for your raw silk

raw silk, aka silk noil, is not typically seen in childrenswear, likely because of it’s care requirements, but we couldn’t resist! we believe the littles of this generation are discerning and need this durable, breathable, natural fabric.

in order to preserve the longevity of raw silk’s unique lustre, we have gathered some best practices for you below. 

care instructions
:: hand wash in a basin with cold water & mild, natural soap. 
:: agitate the fabric in the cold, soapy water and then rinse thoroughly.
:: to neutralize soap residue from the fabric, add 1/4 cup of vinegar to the basin.
:: rinse thoroughly with cold water. 
:: lay flat to dry.
:: optional, once fully dry, fluff in the dryer (gentle setting for 5 minutes)
:: can be drycleaned (if you are extra fancy!)

what to avoid
:: avoid the washing machine (it can severely pill the silk and dull it’s natural sheen). 
:: do not tumble dry or use hot water as this fabric will shrink. 


may you find enjoyment in caring for this special fabric. we love the mindfulness that it evokes from us, as it demands that we slow down, & live a little more by hand.




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