while you watched on during our sample & imperfect sale last weekend, you may have been wondering to yourself, why do they have so many imperfect pieces? or perhaps it was just me..

join me here for a stream of consciousness as I riff on the topic:

as i was preparing for this sale & posting the items to our stories (far more work than i anticipated!), it became a sort of meditation for me. to examine each piece, falling in love again with the fabric, & appreciating the cutting & sewing that it took to make these pieces (aka the village it took to deliver this collection!). in doing this, i realized how incredible it is that any pieces at all are delivered ‘perfect’.

if youve ever tried to sew, you know, it takes a special gift to alchemize raw materials into a perfectly fitting garment that may transport the wearer from a dim life to an enlightened one (my goal!).

in saying that, i wanted to just tip my hat to the makers of these raw materials and sewers and point out that, we are offering a hand made product which is more prone to ‘imperfections’ than one that is cut and sewed either partially or wholly by machines. the organic fabrics are undyed so they come with variation, and each section of your garment is hand cut, pinned and sewed (by a sweet & talented woman named Amy). we vigorously check each piece before shipping them to you, ensuring what we wrap up for you, is nothing less than perfect. for those that do have variation, or imperfections, i am thrilled to offer these pieces to you at a discounted price to ensure they too can be loved and worn by your littles. as often as is warranted, we will continue to host these fun sample & imperfect sales! personally, i live for a good sample and imperfect sale!

in terms of our production, im not sure we will always be able to do it like this (hand sewn), but we will never waiver from our commitment to operating in an ethical and sustainable way. it is with pure pleasure that we aim to make consuming this high frequency product accessible to all. & that is why i am here, what i am holding space for.



PS. in the meantime, check our instagram stories highlights for a round-up of all remaining and available sample & imperfect items!

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