girl in white top stripe shorts in clear blue ocean


a few months ago, a dear friend of cabane, carissa wyten, introduced us to a woman we had been admiring from afar. that is, lietta kasimati, the founder and creative mind behind premium grecian knitwear brand nonna lietta.  
we had never quite seen wool like nonna lietta's before, and we had never quite met a young woman like myrto before.
myrto is lietta's niece, her cousin's daughter to be precise. a kindred kin. together, they took a collection of our garments to a beach on the island of crete. a beach both close to their homes, and close to their hearts, for a dreamy afternoon together. 
brown hair girl in white suit on natural rock beach
 brown hair girl doing backbend in camel suit on natural rock beach
cabane: tell us your neice's name, about the day, the island location. what do you remember? what makes this place so special to you?
lietta: her name is myrto or madonna myrtidiotissa, named for the greek orthodox madonna/saint quite celebrated specially in kythira island in greece. my cousin/her mother had had a difficult pregnancy and she had made a votive offering to the saint if the baby had been born healthy..

the location is very dear to us as it’s 5’ min by car from home and we have all spent our childhood with swims at that beach. myrto’s parents and grandparents live next to my mums house we’re relatives on her side - all of our houses are neighboring wall to wall.

beach with rocky cliff

lietta: the beach is beautiful sits on a small half green waters thin sand low depths perfect for mini people, always full of kids during summer.
black and white girl in white suit
cabane: what did you hope to capture in myrto? what did you see come through?

lietta: she’s a cheeky, smart, communicative little big lady with a sneaky look and that’s what I wanted be captured in our images together along with our special bond. she’s the youngest in the family and we’re all grown up so she’s very attached to the bigger girls.

brown hair girl in white on rocky beach

cabane: what is life in greece like today for young girls? what is on their minds, what has their attention?

lietta: hmm not really sure if for young’s girls in particular but life in greece is still slower and more relaxed than in other western countries during summer I believe - children don’t have such a strict schedule at home they can sleep late, eat many ice creams, do impromptu play dates spend long afternoons at the sea, spend time with their grandparents who seamlessly support parents at the sake of their own time. family plays a big part in our life here. myrto is free all day, sliding from one house to the other from her grandma to her cousins to my mums and back home again. kids here are a bit attached to devices like all kids nowadays inevitably.
brown hair girl in white suit on rocky beach

lietta: myrto is happy as long as she is with her cousins - everytime i’m at home she immediately pops in to spent time together and we just chill at home watching discussing over 7-year old girl things like clothes, school, girlfriends ballet.
brown hair girl in blue cardigan and white shorts rocky beach backdrop
cabane: what are your hopes for myrto as she grows & moves through her life?

lietta: i really hope she can stay as generous, determined and fierce growing up as she’s now - she has them naturally and it’s a trait to be born that way - others spend a lifetime trying to develop those traits.

brown hair girl with hair tied in camel suit on rocky beach

cabane: what are your favourite pieces from this collection?

lietta: hm my favorite cabane pieces: the striped lucca shorts and the hat ! i lov hats ! i also loved the buttoned (take care) cardigans - their buttons remind me of my childhood and my nonna’s handmade pieces
brown hair girl in blue hat, blue shorts and white top rocky beach backdrop

cabane: what are your hopes and dreams for your art, your creativity?

lietta: i have always been wishing and still do for myself to never stop being creative and imaginative. growing older, having to make a living sacrificing things as we all do I often felt that part of me being more in the shade at times. when I leave room for my creativity I feel myself the most - i feel alive and free.

girl in blue hat and shorts on rocky beach

lietta: i wish for everyone to be creative in their own unique way - there’s is not one way to that - there are ways for everyone to express themselves through innumerous mediums. With LOV x Lietta

brown hair girl in hat and white top blue sky backdrop

thank you beautiful lietta, for sharing your art, your free heart with us. your photography has lead us back to ourselves, that creative part that was living in the shade. you brought the sun. to myrto, we love you. we are inspired by you. keep being you

view the myrto collection here.  myrto is a tall 7 year old wearing size 8/9.

photography, styling and creative by lietta kasimati. crete, june 2023.


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